Interior Trim

Not long after I purchased the 912 I decided to fully renovate the car, which of course includes the interior trim including seats, door panels rear parcel shelf and dashboard. After some research  I found images of a amazing slate grey Porsche 912 with red seats, and thats what I would ideally like. However a couple of problems, issues that exist for this approach.

  1. The first is that if you buy a seat cover kit then few companies will supply red vinyl covers. Red leather is available, but is exceptionally expensive.
  2. You can of course contract someone to recover the seats for you but again, not cheap.
  3. I have searched high and low for the correct red basket weave insert material and cannot find it, pictures of this are on the 912 reference page.  It may be possible to buy the black basket weave and dye it red , but I am doubtful.
  4. Recover the seats yourself if you are skilled.

This is what I would like the interior trim to look like, but probably with black carpets rather than the red. I understand that original red trim had a black dash and black top trims to the door panels and rear window cover panels, I can try this and see what it looks like, worse case is I loose a couple of yards of vinyl. So I am going to try  and carry out all the interior trim myself. I have booked a course at J A Milton for September, its only two days but allegedly will get you started on recovering your own seats. I have managed to purchase 3 of the correct seat types from ebay, with chrome side fittings for the princely sum of £65 , so will use one of these as a tester at the upholstery course and see what I can do with red vinyl.