27/06/2012 Beadshot Pyrolitic Bake

I popped over to Beadshot in Halifax today, they are the company that are carrying out the thermal stripping of the body shell and panels. The car should have been nearing completion and I needed to pay them before TrackTorque could collect the shell and panels which were:-

  • Main body shell
  • engine lid
  • front bonnet
  • front bumper
  • left rear bumper
  • right rear bumper
  • Replacement Scuttle Panel
  • Left door
  • right door
  • rear licence panel

Also curiosity got the better of me, I wanted to see what the shell looked like. Dave at Beadshot showed me the body shell in one of the back store areas. It had finished the programmed baking process, and was awaiting the mild abrasive blast with Aluminium Oxide. Then TrackTorque can collect it and take it back over to their base in Tockwith. I fired off a picture to Clive at TT so he could see what it looked like. All being well they will blast and prime it at the end of this week and it will be available to collect on Monday 2nd July 2012.

Here are a few more shots:

I have to say I was really nervous about what I would see.  It looks worse than it is as all of the ashed paint is still lightly on the panels, but all in all it was in good shape, certainly for a car body 47 years old.  Nothing so far has been revealed that scares the bejesus out of me. I can’t wait to see it once its blasted and etch primed, that will be over at TT probably  the middle of next week. At that point we will meet with large mugs of coffee and go over the shel and panels to discuss what work needs doing.

Overall, very impressed with Bead & Shotblasting Ltd, I had talked with someone who had a Jaguar XK150 stripped by them and saw the shell at their workshop. While it was heavily pitted with rust, the overall work done on stripping off the paint was good, and he was pleased with their work and had used them before and will continue to use them, which was the final clincher for me.  So will use also them for the next one 🙂  Drool Porsche 356 oooh!





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