07/10/2011 Stereo Removal Blaupunkt Frankfurt

First task is to take out the Blaupunkt stereo and have a quick check as to what type it really is and if its all there. This is a twin post design stereo, the posts are proud through the dash and secured. ┬áTo remove, it’s just a matter of removing the grub screws on the Porsche 356 style knobs, and then the holding nuts retaining the stereo . There was no rear mount support- a bit of a surprise.

Reconnected with a new fuse- no joy. I heard that the speakers need to be hooked up., the old dash one was, as was one of the door speakers but no sound. I will set up a test rig to try it later.

I have done a little research on these and I am sure this should have an amp as well, but then again. I thought this was a Frankfurt, but it may be a Bremen circa 1965 with just medium wave tuning. I have seen a similar radio with this button configuration. Further research required.


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