07/10/2011 Before

This is the car before I start taking it to pieces. Its the 7th of October .

My intention is to document through notes and photographs the majority of the steps involved with stripping the car down to its basic parts. Then use this as a record of what I need to renovate or replace and how to get it all back together again. It also give me me a mental and hard list of what I should be looking out for on ebay and various online retailers of parts.


Overall looks good from a distance. Two hole horn grills, converted lights UK spec, engine grill looking a little bent and also has been spray black plus engine lid is without centre strut so its a later replacement. Engine script 912 is below grill instead of slanted down by Porsche logo- which should be a two part script rather than individual letters.

I think its nearly impossible to get a hold of the two part scripts, but one parts in gold are available, and I could chrome one of these. This engine lid is missing the centre strut under the grill, its a later lid, so I need to find a replacement for this.

Quarter windows good, chrome trim slightly scratched, rubber looks ok but latches slightly pitted on the chrome.

I have a tinted windscreen – Luxury 🙂 . Trim looks ok around the outsides, but inside some water staining.

I am missing my fusebox lid, and I know these are hard to come by. Any part that can be removed for a quick check up or service gets lost over the years. Under the bonnet it looks ropey, with a little surface rust, but just needs a very good clean and POR15 to protect.  Notice the scuttle- its completely shot and is 1st priority for panel replacement.


The durant mirrors maybe be super fashionable and the correct type for the car but you can’t see a thing behind you with them. I may sacrifice this in place of something thats actually useful. Door cards and handles are in poor shape. Bottoms of door release/ handle missing on both sides- another one of those items like the fusebox cover that get lost over time. The speakers mounted in the door will be going I think unless I can find some era appropriate ones, they look low to me anyway, I guess to compromise with the door pockets, some bright spark alo curt out a larger hole in the metal to accommodate the speaker size, so this could do with being patched.

I will try and figure out either under dash mount, or some type of footwell installation in conjunction with parcel shelf mounts. I like the possibility of footwell mounts, or an under dash panel that hides all the wiring and could cold a couple of speakers, then just remove it for shows etc. There is the dash top speaker space with one old speaker, but could be replaced with two new ones, or the ridiculously expensive original size which  I think is 6 x 9 inches.

Here are my three dials. The glass needs a good clean, and the chrome rings are slightly pitted on all three, together with a couple of the coloured lights are cracked.

There are a couple of places in the US that do refurbs but I believe at circa $80-100 a pop minimum I don’t think I will be doing that just yet. It could always be done later as they are easy to remove. The the coloured filters being faded and cracked is an easy sort once the dial is dismantled. They were originally taped in. I am sure I can find similar colour filters and some high temp tape to stick them back in again, will sort these out someway. Pelican have a section on renovating these which is a useful resource.

Although the steering wheel is in good condition I think it needs a refurb’ on the horn ring as it sometimes goes off going around corners…. lol – makes life interesting for pedestrians and embarrassing for me. I would love a Moto-lita MKIII with slims slots so will have to see how the bank balance is after the major items.

The Blaupunkt Fankfurt does not work, why, haven’t a clue?  As I love DAB Radio  especially UK Radio4 Extra for plays, stories and comedies, I will be getting a DAB to install,  probably under dash with a blanking panel over this slot so the Blue Spot will go, even if its into a storage box, I will try and figure out if its working first.
I have seen a cool Blaupunkt Woodstock on ebay which has a fantastic feature of recording radio shows onto memory card, plus fm radio and a CD player. I will keep an eye out for a good second hand one of these. I will not be cutting the dash for it to fit, Blanking plate or small dials could go in that spot.

I have to say I really dislike the aluminium dash trim, In my humble opinion it looks cheap and tacky. Early cars had a colour coded dash similar to the 356, I dont think there is a record of which early chassis numbers had this, I need to check on DerWhites site. So I will strip all of this off, maybe sell if someone wants it and prep for colour the same as the body. I will keep the slanted 912 script and remount it on the painted glovebox door. The speaker cutout one one of the doors (speaker missing already) , it looks a little hacked up at the bottom, a new door card would cover this, but I would know, so if its bodged I will get it repaired.

 The front two seats are not the originals, I think these are early 70’s but I could be mistaken. I thought at first that it was just the recline mechanisms that had been replaced but its both front two seats, the recliners are the black crackle finish type. I will be looking for two period seats with chrome fittings and seats if possible, I am sure someone will want these 70’s seats along the road and it will help to subsidise the replacement ones. I know the chrome fittings sometimes go for ridiculous prices in good condition so will need to keep my eyes peeled on ebay.

Right hand rear seat bucket is rusted through, left looks ok. Seat pads in old but fair condition with the original horsehair padding in them.   The more I think about it, slate grey paint with poppy red seats would look amazing. I don’t know if you can get a hold of the Porsche type basket weave vinyl in Red though, mmm, that could be a kicker, although I guess it wouldn’t be to disastrous if they were just panelled instead of basket weave.

Something like this…….mmmmmmmm


Rumour has it that the rear window seals or quarter seals after many years of use start to go brittle and let water in. It pools on the parcel shelf, starts to rust and then runs down into the seat base and is soaked up by the horsehair in the seat pads and just sits there and rusts away.  The  photo below is the left rear seat section surface rusted through..

At the back end , the engine is generally looking tatty, especially the tinware, but nothing that a good clean and coat of satin black wouldn’t cure. The large tin ware section between the engine and the back of the car has a couple of rust holes and one split, however with a little practice on a MIG and I think I could repair this, grind it back and paint. If my MIG welding practice results in me finding out that without being aware of it a career in welding was not for me then Powder Coating is another option. There are a couple of companies close by that could do this and repair the holes / splits as well.

The engine lid is a different matter, around the licence plate lights its been heavily repaired with filler. Someone with skill could chop this out and repair it, but not me, I know my limitations. The rest of the lid is fine though so worth keeping even to sell on. As this is a common area for rust I am surprised some enterprising individual hasn’t made a repair section for this.  As I want an original lid with a centre strut , this lid will be going elsewhere anyway.

The back bumpers are a little awry as can be seen, this is probably the bumper mounts, which may be bent, if rusted they are ridiculously expensive, so much so that I could just fabricate some at less cost. Bumpers have a little surface rust at the bottom, but nothing major. The bumper overriders have surface rust, however these will go as I want the total chrome ones on the rear. I have also seen one car with a Chrome Bunper bar strut between the two overiders, these are later year , possibly 69 but look cool, and would have been a reasonable addition for a proud owner.


Back to the front and the latch panel, surface rust around the latch, was quite heavy but badly painted over, but even worse was the lip where the rubber seal is , very  bad rust, it probably needs a whole new panel rather than just a localised repair to the lip. It all depends upon whats inside the nose section.

Below the  scuttle again showing the bad rust at the top of the picture and the cubby hole in the centre where the brake fluid reservoir is and also the steering linkage. Also the wing mount washer bottle set up on the left, which is an early feature and short lived .When the washer bottle, a kind of hard vinyl cloth perished or cracked it deposited water into the wing,  not a good idea. You can also see the the non adjustable shock tops and non standard washer pump, after market.

So there we have it. Much work to do, but a good solid car (hopefully) on which to recreate a fantastic 1965 Porsche.

D 🙂

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