Paint and Underseal Finish

Here is a set of additional photos showing the paint finish and underseal (Wurth Aqua)

Front hood showing the newly installed old Porsche badge with a new seal.

Inside of the hood compartment area showing the chassis number and seam sealing under the underseal

The area under the petrol tank was remarkably clean and straight so no work apart from a tidy up was required.

The smugglers box area was remarkably clean , no rust so just a small amount of tidying up. The rear of the dashboard area is pristine. TrackTorque fabricated a new scuttle channel for me and welded that in place . I still have a whole lower screen /scuttle section that I purchased from Max at Revival Cars but really didn’t need to replace all that metal.

Cool engine bay or what. Mating surfaces where left free of underseal , area such as heater tube attachments, shock mounts, engine support beam mounting points, rubber seal attachment points.

At the top left and right of the picture on the underneath of the replaced parcel shelf you can just see weld new rear top seat belt mount points. I wanted the capability to add a top side mount for a three point harness at a later date. On the inside of the two rear seat bowls above the tunnel are the two new rear seat belt mounts for lap belts .

Here you can clearly see where the underseal has been masked off to give good clean surfaces for the engine mount bracket.

The metal clips throughout the shell that hold wires, pipes, seals etc need a good going over  as they are flexible by their nature and can on closing crack the paint or underseal Over the top of the paint.  I may just give them an overcoat once the wiring is in place.


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