08/10/2011 Front Indicator Removal

The indicator units are the original style sealed pod, where the plastic front lens is thermally welded to the rear reflector and bulb mount. Two screws affix this unit to the car body.



Not a pretty sight behind there , but could have been a lot worse.  J clips for mounting are a bit rusted but the rest of the pod area is clean and will look a lot better with a wire brush up.


Looking at the rear of the indicator units the plastic bulb holders can be seen clearly, one is missing for the passengers side (r) unit, I can probably source one of these from ebay.  This I think is the sidelight connector, which raises an interesting point, as its missing were they needd in the US or not in the Uk of vice versa…….
Common earth point in the centre of the unit fed by the standard brown wire , the drivers side indicator also has a black wire leading to it, will have to follow this, probably to the chassis earth.

Part Numbers  (qty )
USA Right Front Bosch 901 631 401 02 (1)
USA Left Front Bosch 901 631 402 02 (1)
Connector for direction indicator light:  901 631 411 00 (4)
Gasket/ Rubber Seal Left Front: 901 631 413 00 (1)
Gasket/Rubber Seal Right Front: 901 631 414 00 (1)
Captive nut (J):  999 507 311 12 (8)
Fastening Screw: 901 631 911 00 (8)
Bulb 12V 32CP: 999 631 114 90  (4)




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