Parts Purchased 17/11/2012

Date Supplier Supplier Part Note Qty Each 
17/11/2012 Stoddard SIC-503-052-00  Bottom rear window metal r  1  $50
Stoddard SIC-503-051-00 Bottom rear window metal l 1 $50
Stoddard SIC-503-001-00 Frt fender bolt/hardware kit 1 $29.24
Stoddard 999-703-033-40 Chassis Plug 2 0.61
Stoddard SIC-572-001-00 Screw Set  Heater Slider 2 1.80
Stoddard NLA-423-211-00 Bronze Bellcrank Bushing 2 $4.60
Stoddard SIC-355-790-20 Brake Line Kit 912 1 $57.15
Stoddard SIC-502-026-00 Scuttle Repair Channel 1 $68.40

These are a selection of sheet metal parts for TrackTorque and some build parts for the front fender and refurb for the bellcrank housing, replacing the plastic/nylon bushings with brass.

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