16/11/2012 Parts arrive from Stoddard Scuttle lip and rear window corners

When I first purchased the car from Revival Cars I knew that the front scuttle needed sorting, and in fact bought a replacement panel section cut from another 912. After discussions with TrackTorque, it seemed excessive to replace a huge section when it was only the lip that needed replacing. After Joe and I had been talking about other parts he spotted that Stoddard had a front lip repair panel SIC-502-026-00 as well as rear window replacement sections for the bottom corner area of the window which was heavily pitted SIC-503-052-00 and SIC-503-051-00.  So I purchased all three as well as some other bits and bobs, and dropped them off at TT today. Its not cheap obtaining parts from the states , but some are not available over here so no option really. Also manufacturing the front lip would have taken many hours , when it was bought for about £80 inc shipping and taxes.

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