31/07/2012 Panels arrive

My order for panels placed at Roger Bray a couple of weeks ago arrived today, consisting of:

Front half floor pan
Front Latch panel with lip (65)
Rear Parcel Shelf (Restoration Design)
2 x 4 hole Horn Grills (Ouch over £100 each)
Left outer sill/ rocker panel
Torsion Bar cover , seal, retainer

I dropped them off at TrackTorque, and had a good look at the floor pan in the car and the new one. Very similar. I need to purchase the pedal mount panel , which I had noticed before, however some of these floor pans come with fittings already in and some don’t. Its about £50 .
No work has started at TT as they have been awaiting the panels, and while I have been waiting I should have really been looking at renovating some of the parts I have for the 912 but have instead been looking at areas that need addressing on a new car- a 1982 Porsche 911 3.0 SC Targa Sport…….  More on that later.

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