04/07/2012 Car at TrackTorque

I talked to Clive from TrackTorque this morning, Lucky man was on his way to a Funcup race for the weekend at Spa.  Tracktorque went over and picked the car and panels up from Beadshot in Halifax last night in their covered trailer and so the car is now at TrackTorque base Tockwith. I popped over this afternoon and had a word with Colin about the condition of the body and some process steps when it comes to seam sealing, painting, leading etc. Colin mentioned he knows Lee over at Farnham who is very experienced in Porsche 911’s and that he could be called upon for assistance if required.  I also took a few shots of the car while it was in the trailer, just for the record. I have a meeting scheduled next week where we can go over the body in detail and discuss what work needs to be carried out.

From todays photos, it mostly confirms what I thought.

Either side of the nose the panel work is rusted though where the side panels meet the front latch panel. There is a lot of metal eroded from the top of the latch panel and inside at either side of it. New latch panel plus small repair sections to front of nose on either side. You can see some Aluminium Oxide powder in the luggage bay thats been dislodged from a hidden hole during transport. Unbelievably fine grade.

The rear centre panel between the two wings looks as though it has had a back end shunt. The wings are slightly warped at the centre, and at some point in its past a creative repair was made, which has left some curved metalwork which I don’t think should be there where the wings join to the back latch panel.

The front fuel tank support and the whole of the bottom of the front of the car in the luggage are is in remarkably good condition. You can just see on the left as you look where the car is sat on the dolly the perforated floorpan, this meeds replacing. This looked fairly ok when I was stripping the car down, but it doesn’t really surprise me.

I think the two rear floor panels have been replaced at some time in the past. Not very neatly, I need to discuss this with Clive and his team.

The rear parcel shelf is rusted through and needs to be replaced. The lip where the rear bulkhead section overlaps the parcel shelf has been fairly corroded, but I think a new bar section could be just added on here with the corroded overlap cut out. I would like to also consider adding a strengthening bar under this to act as a key support for the two rear mounted seat belts that I hope to fit. These will be three point belts, with the top mount under the rear parcel shelf panel and bolted to the parcel shelf. To limit an damage to the shelf in the event of an accident, A strengthening beam under the shelf may help. Hidden under the engine bay insulation.The right hand seat pan is rusted through, but it may not need a new one, potentially a section could be created and welded in.

So immediate Panel work list is (but will probably be extended):
Right hand front pan -Porsche or Dansk
Rear Parcel Shelf  (Restoration Design)

Nose sections front left and right – Custom Metalwork ?
Rear Right seat pan base – Custom metalwork?
Bottom section behind wheel arch right wing.

To Inspect further:
Inner and Outer left and right sills
Rear Panel between two wings.
Floor pan rear (is it good enough)


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