02/07/2012 Beadshot- Etch Primed

For the first time since I started to disassemble the car I have to actually say I am truly blown away and this stage seems a huge step forward in the project. Marilyn from Beadshot very kindly sent me some more photos today of the panels and body shell after it has been etch primed following the blast.  Again I have to say it -” for a car that was built in October 1965 it looks amazing”.

You can’t see it from this picture but the roof has a small dent (done before  I bought it )  and the backend panels near the bottom of each wing look a little wrinkled, maybe a back end shunt at some time?

The front bumper is in good condition with a couple of small dings, its an original as far as I can see from the fog light mounts, I need to check on this.

The rear two bumpers are also in good condition, although there is at least one captive nut for the bumper over riders that has lost its thread.


The panel below the licence panel is my replacement scuttle section which has cleaned up nicely. The licence panel looks a lot better than it did previously, but may need a little metal bashing to straighten it up.

This is the later engine lid that I bought from ebay , although its not a 65/66 lid as can be determined from the small rear windscreen wiper screen wiper bump seen here on the right hand opening. I believe the rear wipers as an option were introduced in 68, but it has the central strut, which is a lot better than the far later “no strut” lid that  was on the car when I bought it . The old lid had extensive repair work around the licence light holes, so it was impractical to repair, or I least I think so.

Left wing looking good, I need to have a closer look at the horn grill and light mount areas though, as I think at least these may need a little welding. This wing should look good anyway as it was a later replacement.

The right wing here is the original 4 hole horn grill type and looks as though it has lived a little more than the left as can be seen behind the wheel arch.

No surprises here, I knew that the right hand seat pan area was rusted through, however I feel that it is repairable, will have a word with the body shop team at TrackTorque. , the rest looks good.  Close inspection probably required on the left hand seat pan though.


The roof looks good (apart from the slight dent bottom left) All in all from the pictures here I am exceptionally pleased 🙂  but will hold my over enthusiasm until I can see it in the metal


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