24/09/2011 Bought

This blog is my record of renovation of a 65000 mile 3 dial, Silver 1965 Porsche 912.  Manufactured in October 1965 and sold in California in February 1966 through P.C Pacific, Burlingame, USA.


I purchased the car in September 2011 from Max at Revival Cars, after a long search  and extensive investigations about good and bad cars, and viewing a couple of others. I wanted as early a car as possible. In an ideal world I would have liked a 356- however not having 30K+ to spare limited that dream….. for the moment at least. The car was to be a long term restoration project, to tinker, drive and slowly restore. However after  driving it for a couple of weeks, trying to schedule in the scuttle repair, and other bits, partial respray and the winter nights drawing in, salt coming on the roads etc, I decided to get started with the renovation  but with the car off the road rather than trying to carry it out piece by piece. Although from a distance it looks good, there are a couple of areas that require a lot from my purchase inspection, these are:

  • Scuttle:- complete replacement needed, I purchased the panel from Max at revival .
  • Front Latch: Lip gone completely , so new lip or full panel.
  • Heating: Bursch exhaust fitted with heater bypass. Brrrrrr in the British climate, so  heat exchangers need installing.
  • Paintwork: Average respray done at some point, needs a full paint job, roof very spotty
  • Seats: Source age appropriate (1970’s in now)  with chrome side stays, and recover
  • Headliner: replace
  • Carpets: replace
  • Engine Bay: Paint metal.
  • Wheels: Repaint
  • Full engine service
  • Brake line flush and renew fluid.
  • Remove the immobiliser
  • Fit a new Modern Radio, ideally DAB

I will no doubt find more as I proceed. Ha  🙂


The original specification for the car is pretty standard, Its a matching numbers car with a 4 speed box.

Model/ Year: 1965 /912

Production Completion Date: 19.10.1965

Date of registration: 27.02.1966

Exterior Paint Colour / Code: Slate Grey / 6601

Optional Equipment: None Listed

Interior Material / Colours: Black Leatherette


So I am to take the car back to a stripped chassis, to bare metal wherever possible, and get a number of panels replaced professionally plus of course have a  paint job back to its original Slate Grey colour.

This is going to be an expoloration, an adventure and a huge learning process over the next year or more, full of trials and tribulations but so far I am enjoying it, the research and the dismantling. As well as a record for me I hope the photos and experiences are of some help to fellow 912 owners. My thanks and appreciation goes to members of the fantastic 912UK Register , the US based www.912bbs.org, DDk, Porsche 912 Register and of course Dave Hillmans Restoration website and the fantastic resource of Der Whites Porsche Records. This is my first major renovation so I am sure there will be a few mistakes along the way. It will not be concourse, but will be as good as I can afford and achieve, with a few changes for modern life and my own desires.

My target………  well something like this, including red seats and trim:-

I hope you enjoy the site, contact me if I can help, or if you know of anything that can help me.



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